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What We Do

Connect People with the Right Services for Them

We link citizens to the services that may give them the better outcome. CSP is keen to help streamline the sometimes arduous decision making process for citizens who may not be fully aware what is available to them. 

Get Your idea and skills set Out to the World

Do you have an idea that will change the world? CSP is happy to help you turn that idea into a concept, then possibly out into reality. Reach your potential, you have a gift. Let us know and share it.

A helping hand for the disadvantaged

Sometimes people just need help, someone to talk to, a person to listen. CSP can assist with these important things and point you in the right direction of those who can certainly help. Ranging from disability services through homelessness CSP aims to enable you where possible.

Identity counts

Do you who you are? How could you prove it if you lost all your identity documents?

CSP has a new initiative that will help you identify correctly so you will never be unknown. CSP can create identities and other instruments and documents to keep your person safe and secure.  All in one location.

Indigenous specific identities

Indigenous Australians have a proud heritage. CSP will be engaging in an exciting program that will help with the security of  their person.

CSP will be able to create documents and identification that will be similar to birth certificates, proof of age cards and tribal identities of indigenous Australians.

Did you know that Article 33 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples mean you can create your own indigenous identity?

Show the world who you are. 



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